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Portrait of an artist

a few notes about the metaverse

lot's of gifs

The artist is there dwelling in world called the Sunset River Space. She has her working tools with her, a palette, and a dev screen, that is what she creates with.

We are facing her, we can explore her virtual world from our old TV screen, we can do close up on her eyes and on the eyes of Van Gogh and of Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" which she always carry with her.

She is front of us, us in 2023, her in the yet to come metaverse, and from this possible future, that she is carrying in herself we can start to draw a few commentaries on this world she creates in.

What is our body? What is our creative strength? What is human life? What is flesh? How beautiful are the virtual worlds ahead of us? Are we facing them like Marco Polo?

Here are some concepts placed, feel free to watch, to read, and to wonder.

Wide Image of the overall experience

Why these are notes - and reflection and explanation about these few points used as focus to get a definition of VR

below multiple link (Itch - Styly - vimeo)

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