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Jeanne Hebuterne

Artist & Muse

There is not much we have seen about Jeanne Hebuterne's art. Most of her works remained unknown until they were discovered in 1992 and most are today hidden and scattered through private collections.  

What we have available for our "museum without walls" are some beautiful portraits of her made by her husband Amedeo Modigliani, a series of drawing signed of her hand, and a few paintings including two outstanding works: The Death a watercolor probably painted in 1919 and a Self-Portrait of blue vivid shades, painted in 1916.

At the end of their life, when Modigliani was highly sick and she was pregnant with their second child, Jeanne was painting watercolors painting, interpreted as a testimonial of her mental state. The Death painted at that time can be interpreted as a vision of a near future. The space and the color of the room depicted are the starting point of this small virtual world dedicated to an artist we are yet to see more of. 

The "Immersive Book"

A virtual environment offers a place to look for paintings, explore and take the time to get acquainted with an artist. This same space is an occasion to present all it gathers of artworks and visions through various angles and representations chosen by the users.


This virtual place, re-created following the watercolor painting The Death can here be experienced differently: as a video, as a virtual world accessible in VR and non-VR, as a 3D display tour, as Augmented Reality content, and as a 360 gallery.

Every different solution are bringing an original perspective and offers a personal approach to the discovery of Jeanne Hebuterne's works. They compose the virtual "immersive book" which presents and is an access to these various experiences. 

Experiencing the Space

Click or scan a QR code to experience the space


The platforms are key to making content easily accessible to any users on the web and on multiple devices: smartphones and tablets, computers, VR headsets. Jeanne Hebuterne's The Death environment is available on which offers an easy and great Augmented Reality as well as the possibility to discovering it in Virtual Reality. It has been published on Epic Games' 3D Platform popular in the video game and the 3D animation industry. Sketchfab brings a high-quality real-time rendering of 3D models online and is used by a community of more than 6 million users. The 360° degree display is being run on the virtual tour platform

The virtual world experience runs as a part of a wider project which aims at creating a metaverse of history's great artwork, the The Imaginary Museum virtual world is dedicated to artists such as Hokusai, Mondrian, Titian, and Auguste Rodin and has been developed using Mozilla Hubs solution. Each of its virtual worlds can be experienced efficiently online on smartphones, desktops and most VR headsets. 

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