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A portrait of a city - reality is living in virtual


Grenoble is located in France, west to the Alps, it was founded more than two thousand years ago and gathers Roman and Medieval remains. Today, the city is an international place for mountain sports, scientific research, and technologies.

Created with the OpenTopography SRTM data produced by NASA and the OpenStreetMap urban information this interactive experience proposes a virtual representation of Grenoble's cityscape. Players can navigate in the maze of the city and interact with key points of today's city.


a virtual world telling something about the real one

This representation of the city stands here as an empty memory of a past that can come back at some places, showing another world with colors, sounds and events. 

The emptiness of the map is opposed to the fullness, the crowd, and the movement of the living Grenoble. The intemporality of this world is opposed to time passing in our real world. It’s a world where memories and visions are arising. 

The free movement is the possibility to look, and to go somewhere without knowing what to find, what to see. It’s travelling, in a world of bloom, darkness and lights. 

“Remembering is mental time travel” and this world is placed here to be one memory of Grenoble to fill, like a white page to color. 


Sequence 03_4.gif
Sequence 03_5.gif

available on for PC download - Mac version to be coming

to install from either download and install the launcher or download and extract the .zip project and run the .exe file

to install from the project folder download and extract the .zip and play the .exe file

Virtual Reality





*This January 2023 version shows 15 spots. And gathers 15 photographs, 13 videos and 4 photoscans models. Most photographs and videos were taken between August 2022 and January 2023.

This work is in progress with monuments and photographs being constantly captured to fill the emptiness of this world. 

More colors are to be brought, more videos captured with dates, more paintings, more 3D models and more sounds…

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