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Bauhaus, spatial portrait

a space encapsuling visual and ideas

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few notes on this project

The Bauhaus is considered today one of the most influential design and architectural movements of the 20th century. Though it survived only fourteen years amid the tumult of German society between two wars and was forced to close in 1933 under the pressure of the National Socialist Party, the Bauhaus is the birthplace of a design vision that lived on and developed through the expatriation of its members. This vision is symbolized by wide glass curtain walls in modern skyscrapers, the popularization of geometric shapes in buildings design, and the creation of furniture and objects following shared values of aesthetics and functionality.

This virtual world was created to encapsulate its most important ideas and figures, along with a virtual representation of the Bauhaus Weimar building hall, characterized by the "Eve" sculpture and the rounded stairwell, which you can still admire today in Weimar.

The notions of "Crafting" and avant-garde "Theories" each hold a side of this virtual world, while the Bauhaus circular study scheme stands in the middle of the room. Users are encouraged to click on objects of interest to discover more information about their subjects and to allow themselves to dwell, explore, and reflect on the Bauhaus ideals and story, which I tried to present here.


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