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The arising Metaverse and the multiplicity of virtual worlds emerging now are opening virtual places to people

The matter of the "Discourse"/Expression in books, plays, films, and paintings

The article shares the idea of Virtual Space as an expression format of itself through 4 virtual spaces and highlights the "Ideal" galleries and the "19th" galleries
01 Venus.jpg
03 Desert3.png

La poesie et la force de l'espace virtuel (texte du mail)

La serie "The Ideal" et sa transformation vers d'autres formes (Venus : Mondrian // Desert : Pioneer Plaque "Is there life on Jupiter ?"

How from a look to another, from the variety of sounds, from the movement of the user, the music, the element on the sky, the paintings, the videos, the sculpture, the colors, the texture, how from all these framed and arranged in a space we say something.

Virtual Space opens Spacial comprehension to expression and can play roles of emotional triggers through impressive sizes 

The Spacial aspect brings too a real movement to the user and a proper immersion in a content

Showing the transformation of each place as a blank piece to an expressive virtual place and switching to a second matter: the Virtual Space, the different online possibilities as deep and vast channels of distribution and the relationship to the visitors (Metaverse audiences)

+ 2 Realistic Rooms with similar goals, for 2 subjetcs: The film Studio (Cinema) and The Opera of Phantoms (Classical Music and Musicians) / maybe not The Old Library (Litterature), The Space Ship (Exploration)

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