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Malevich Vision(s) app provides an experience of three paintings of Kazimir Malevich and of his avant-gardist visual ideology through texts and quotes relatives to his work.


The App offers the possibilities to navigate in several 3D spaces representing art galleries and white background voids recalling Malevich’s artworks.


A joystick is accessible on the bottom left side of the screen and can be use to trigger 360 degrees movement around the space.


Looking in different direction is made possible by dragging your thumbs on the right side of the screen.


For a better playing comfort we advise you to use your left hand thumb for the Joystick movement and your right hand thumb for the direction look.


Clicking on the Red Square (“Info”) on the upper left will open and close the information window.


Clicking on the Blue Square (“Swap View”) on the upper left will change the point of view from inside the gallery space to inside the painting’s white background void space.


Clicking on the Black Square (“Menu”) on the upper right will bring you back to the main menu allowing you to choose which gallery to walk around.

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