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The early 20th century brought a generation of avant-gardes artists to Germany. New visions of art, new ways of painting, using colors and representing society emerged. Movements such as expressionism, dadaism, new objectivity, futurism, and surrealism shaped this period and influenced numerous artists. For a few decades, artists experienced creative freedom as never before in history. 

But the freedom of German artists soon started to be torn by the rise of Nazism. Artworks were removed from galleries and museums, and from 1933 avant-gardes artists were dismissed from teaching, and curators supporting them were replaced. Soon later, only artists complying with the Nazy Party were allowed to make art, forbidding other artists to carry on their creative work.

In 1937, minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels ordered the organization of an "Entartete Kunst" (Degenerate Art ) exhibition placing back confiscated and forbidden artworks in a gallery space, not to honor their vision but to humiliate the artists and the movement displayed by these works. Paintings were exhibited on walls sometimes without frames and Nazi propaganda slogans were painted on the walls. 

The video is a tribute to artworks and artists exhibited in Munich in 1937 at the "Degenerate Art" Exhibition. It is made of 3D shots displaying avant-gardes artworks sets in two different worlds of art, the gallery and the propagandist exhibition. It uses materials and archives from the "Degenerate Art Exhibition".


Oberstdorfer Landschaft - Alexej von Jawlensky
Bildnis des Tänzers Alexander Sacharoff  - Alexej von Jawlensky
Balkonausblick mit Weinlaub und Anemonen - Oskar Moll
Akt mit Fächer im Grünen – Oskar Moll
Freundschaftsspiel – Paul Klee
Bäuerin - Philipp Bauknecht 
No title - Jacoba van Heemskerck
Bildnis des Dichters Leonhard Frank - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner  
Tod als Jongleur - Christian Rohlfs
Hus med rødt tak- Christian Rohlfs
Nachdenken – Paul Klee
Liegender weiblicher Akt - Lovis Corinth
Das Undbild - Kurt Schwitters
Der Lftballon – Paul Klee
Tatlin at Work – El Lissitzki
Die Klosterser – Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Großes Liebespaar -  Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Bildnis Dr. Haubrich - Heinrich Hoerle
Zwei Frauen - Heinrich Hoerle
Selbstbildnis_als_Soldat - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Nuit Walpurgis - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Geschlachteter Ochse – Lovis Corinth
Blaues Pferd I - Franz Marc
Main Scene from the Ballet "The False Oath" -  Paul Klee
Hölle der Vögel - Max Beckmann
Mutter mit Kind - August Macke
Nacktes Mädchen mit Kopftuch - August Macke
Zigeuner Geiger « Mungo » - Heinrich Nauen
Alter Mann- Heinrich Nauen 
Die Mutter - Otto Freundlich
Komposition - Otto Freundlich
Mein Roter Himmel - Otto Freundlich
A_Woman_For_Gods – Paul Klee
Ueberschach – Paul Klee
Vor dem Blitz – Paul Klee
Compositie met rood, geel, zwart, blauw en grijs - Piet Mondrian
De rode boom – Piet Mondrian
Studie Zu Hellem Schaufenster - August Macke
Landscape With Red Spots - Vassily Kandinsky
Landschap - Jacoba van Heemskerck
Arbeiter (Selbstbildnis vor Bäumen und Schornsteinen) - Heinrich Hoerle
Zeeuwsche kerktoren – Piet Mondriaan


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